Terms and Conditions

How to Enter:

  • Participants must record a dive with a Paralenz camera and create and share a story of their dive in the Paralenz App.
  • Participants must create a story containing at least 4 clips to qualify.
  • Participants must create a story between February 1 and March 31, 2022.

Contest Duration:

  • The duration of the contest is from 1st Feb to 31st Mar 2022.
  • The three winners will be notified after the end of the contest via email.


  • The Competition is open to all people aged 18 or over on the Competition start date. Eligibility requirements include a valid e-mail address.
  • Participation in this contest is purely voluntary.
  • No purchase is necessary for participating in the Competition and it is open to all including the persons who have not purchased Paralenz products in the past.
  • Paralenz shall not charge any amount for participation in the contest and the sole criteria for participation shall be submitting entries in the manner stipulated below.
  • Employees of Paralenz & organizations related to the contest and their families are excluded from entering the Competition.

General Terms and Conditions:

  • This contest will be governed by these standard terms and conditions. Each participant agrees that he/she has read and understood these terms and by their participation in the contest, each participant agrees to be bound by the terms. Mere participation should not be perceived as any commitment on the part of Paralenz to select a participant as the winner. Nothing herein amounts to a commitment by Paralenz to conduct further, similar or other contests in future.
  • This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Leadpages. This promozion is sponsored by the Aqualung Group. Any questions, comments or complaints regarding the promotion will be directed to Paralenz.
  • Paralenz reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this contest, including extending, withdrawing or discontinuing the same without notice, without assigning any reason, at its sole discretion without any liability.
  • There is no cash alternative to the stated prizes, and the prizes are non-transferable and non-refundable. 
  • Paralenz nor Aqualung Group shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for any claims, losses, damage, costs or expenses in connection with or arising from this Competition, the redemption or use of the Prizes.
  • To the extent only permitted by applicable law, Paralenz reserves the right to use the winner’s footage uploaded the Paralenz app in post-promotion publicity material and in advertising, marketing or promotional material in any media by any means throughout the world for any purpose connected with the products/services of Paralenz or Aqualung Group without additional compensation or prior notice to the winner and all participants consent to the same.
  • Copyrighted, obscene, provocative or otherwise questionable content will not be considered. Paralenz retains sole discretion as to what constitutes inappropriate content.
  • In the event of any inconsistency between these terms and conditions and any advertising, promotional, publicity and other materials relating to or in connection with this promotion, these terms and conditions shall prevail.
  • Subject to applicable laws, Paralenz nor Aqualung Group shall not be liable for any losses, taxes, liabilities or inconvenience suffered by any participant as a result of these terms and conditions, entering into this Competition or accepting any part of the Prize
  • Paralenz nor Aqualung Group shall not be liable under or in connection with these terms and conditions or for this Competition or using the Prize for any indirect, special or consequential cost, expense, loss or damage even if such cost, expense, loss or damage was reasonably foreseeable or might reasonably have been contemplated by the participant and Paralenz and whether arising from breach of contract, tort, negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise.
  • Paralenz nor Aqualung Group accepts no responsibility for difficulties experienced in submitting an entry to this Contest. Shell does not accept responsibility for (1) lost, late or undelivered entries or (2) any technical or access issue, failure, malfunction or difficulty that might hinder the ability of a participant to enter the Competition or (3) any event which may cause the Competition to be disrupted or corrupted.
  • In addition to these terms & conditions, other specific terms may be imposed by Paralenz from time to time to deal with any unforeseen situation. Paralenz also reserves the absolute right to change the terms and conditions contained herein and, or, any other rules and regulations in respect of the Competition at any time without any notice, the itinerary, without assigning any reason and without any liability whatsoever. Participants are requested to refer to such other terms and conditions, if any, which may be intimated separately as Paralenz considers fit.  However, no obligation is cast on Paralenz to separately intimate each individual participant with regard to such additional terms and conditions.
  • Paralenz may (i) extend (ii) terminate or suspend the Competition at any time due to circumstances beyond its control (iii) substitute a prize (or any part of a Prize).
  • The participant(s) hereby give express permission to Paralenz and Aqualung Group to freely distribute its submission in any publication and media whether online, offline or on the Internet. Material sent to Paralenz including feedback and other communications of any kind as well as submission of an entry to this Competition shall be deemed to be non-confidential. Paralenz and Aqualung Group shall be free to reproduce, distribute and publicly display such feedback, materials without limitation or obligation of any kind. Paralenz is also free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in such submissions or materials for any purpose.
  • Each participant understands that each of the officials of Paralenz engaged in the organization and management of this Competition including its directors, officers, partners, employees, consultants, and agents are under no obligation to render any advice or service to any participant in respect of this Competition.
  • The participant undertakes to indemnify and keep Paralenz harmless and indemnified against any loss, damage, claims, costs and expenses which may be incurred or suffered by Paralenz due to breach of any of the terms and conditions herein contained.
  • Entrants are deemed to accept these terms and conditions by entering the Contest. 
  • Three Winner of the contest will be selected by the contest jury on the basis of subjective eligibility criteria.
  • Each participant consents to the use of content supplied by the participant in any media for future promotional, marketing and publicity purposes without any further reference or payment or other compensation to the participant, by Paralenz and Aqualung Group.
  • The decision of Paralenz will be final and binding.

To claim the prize:

  • The winner needs to submit their contest entry as per the requirements of Paralenz and within the stipulated timeframes in order to claim the prize.
  • The winner will be notified by email.
  • Paralenz will endeavor to contact the Winner in and around 5-10 working days after announcing the winners.